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Every girl deserves a chance to experience wanderlust! The Travel Pathway offers Girl Scouts many opportunities to see new places, meet new people, and learn about different cultures. Girls can attend independently, bring a friend, or come as a troop. Catch the travel bug, sign up today!

When you’re planning travel with Girl Scouts, be sure and check out Volunteer Essentials: Appendix for Travel Volunteers and Safety Activity Checkpoints. These publications give you tips for incorporating travel planning into your troop year, keeping girls safe, and incorporating girl-planning.

Please note:

  • Short Trip: Troop travel for one or two nights or 50 -200 miles from your regular meeting place, complete Short Trip Application.
  • Extended Trip: Troop trip that’s regional, national, or international, complete Extended Trip Application. Girls can use Cookie Dough Credits up to 50% of the fee for Troop Trips to Girl Scouts of the USA national headquarters in New York City; the birthplace of Girl Scouts in Savannah, Georgia; or WAGGGS World Centers in Mexico, Switzerland, England , or India. Visit Girl Scouts of the USA’s travel page  to learn more about these locations.
  • Lakes and Pines’ Trips: Register online using your Girl Scout Online Registration account to browse options and register. Our staff guide you through the rest! Girls may use Cookie Dough Credits for up to 50% of the fee for Lakes and Pines’ trips. See “saving” Cookie Dough in the Cookie Forms  page to learn how you can save Cookie Dough Credits up to 3 years to help girls pay for travel, too!
  • Girl Scout Destinations: Girl Scout Destinations are the ultimate adventure for individual girls ages 11 and older! With different trips every year hosted by Girl Scout councils and other organizations around the world, there’s something amazing for everyone.To search for your own exciting adventure, visit the travel section of Girl Scouts of the USA’s web page. Girls are encouraged to apply for funding to cover a portion of a Destinations trip. The application process for 2016 trips begins early: First Round deadline application: November 20, 2015. Second round application deadline: January 15, 2016. Start looking for your adventure today! Girls can use up to half of the final Destination cost in Cookie Dough Credits.
  • Girl Scout Getaways: Thinking about planning an adventure with your troop? Getaways are short travel programs designed specifically for Girl Scout troops. Girls can use up to half of the final Getaway cost in Cookie Dough Credits. Visit Girl Scouts of the USA’s travel webpage to get started.

For trips organized by Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin Lakes and Pines:Register Online

With Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin Lakes and Pines sponsored trips, Girl Scouts of the USA sponsored trips, or troop trips to national or international Girl Scout centers, girls may use cookie dough to pay up to half the fee.

2016 Trips

Chicago | June 23 – 27 | $500 pp

Costa Rica | June TBA | $3,000 pp

New York | July 15 – 22 | $960 pp

2017 Trips

Apostle Islands | August TBA | $450 pp

England, Ireland, & Wales | June TBA | $3,800 pp

Orlando | July TBA | $1,350 pp

2018 Trips

Duluth | June TBA | $150 pp

Laura Ingalls Wilder Road trip | August TBA | $200 pp

Washington D.C. | July TBA | $750 pp