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Girl Scout Cookie Program 2014

Thank you for saying "yes" to facilitating the Girl Scout Cookie Program for your troop!  Over the next few months with your help girls will gain skills that will serve them throughout their life. Important skills like goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics.  At the same time, the girls will be earning recognitions for themselves and proceeds to help fund future Girl Scout activities.


Troop Cookie Program Overview (see the Troop Cookie Manager Answer Book for a complete details.)

Before 1/8

Attend cookie training. (Uh oh, did you miss it? Contact us!)

Preview Cookie Selling Tools from (goal posters, booth sale signs, and more!) Lakes and Pines' has also created a Door Hanger Order Card for girls to use.

Have a troop & family cookie meeting and get signed permission slips (form G-4).Let parents know about COCO Cookie Command Center website/app. It's THE PLACE for girls to manage orders and deliveries, view recognitions, and participate in online marketing. 

Girls and famlies will want to know about recognitions. Cookie Recognitions | Adventure Points | Super Sisters, special recognitions for families with more than one girl member | Ca$h Plan Agreement T5-C, troops with grades 6+ can forego recognitions and receive more troop proceeds.

Girls start working on Financial Literacy & Cookie Business badges &/or Cookie Activity Pin.

1/8-13 Enter Initial Order in Snap, the cookie program software

1/26 Notify council product sales staff of your troops' cookie booths by entering them in Snap (click for directions).

2/3-7 Pick up your Initial Order (there will be a specific date/time/location for your community)

2/8 Direct sale begins - "this is the Door to Door," E-mail, and phone call phase. No Cookie Booths yet, please! (Remember the Door Hanger Order Card?)

Saturdays, 2/8-3/8 Place a Planned Order by 10 p.m. to get more of the varieties you need. Order through Snap.

Tuesdays 2/11-3/25 Deposit money weekly into your troop account.

If you get notification from your bank that there are Insufficient Funds (NSF) Checks, please complete form 4231 to receive reimbursement. 

2/14 Cookie booths begin. (Remember the signs and "bling your booth" resources.)

Booth Sale Report Form (Microsoft Excel) - optional resource

Troop Inventory Tracking Form (Microsoft Excel) - optional resource

2/26 Council debits troop account for 45% of your Initial Order. 

Sometimes Troops realize they've ordered more Cookies than they can sell. Keep in touch with volunteers in your community to help each other out with Troop to Troop transfers, form T-6. 

As soon as a girl/parent is delayed in paying the troop for cookies, complete and send in the Outstanding Money Report, form T-10. The final deadline for turning in this form is April 1.

3/2-3/7 Families return "extra" cookies to troop this week. There are guidelines for what you can return ... see the Answer Book for Troop Product Sales Managers.

3/9 (Original) Last day for girls to earn credit for recognitions and earning troop bonus. NEW! 3/16 as part of the Wacky Weather promotion.

3/10-11 (Original) One-time troop returns (see Answer Book for details) NEW! Troops can also return March 17-18, see Wacky Weather promo.

3/12 (Original) Troop recognition order due in Snap NEW! Troops can choose to place recognition order March 19. See Wacky Weather promo).

3/14-3/23 Clean up sales (troops sell remaining stock)

3/16 NEW! Last day for girls to earn credit for recognitions, cookie dough, and adventure points (see Wacky Weather promotion)

3/17-18 NEW dates added! One-time troop returns. See Wacky Weeather promotion

3/19 NEW! Troop recognition order due (see Wacky Weather promotion

3/26 Second ACH Withdrawal (50% of amount due.)

4/9 Council deits troop for remaining balance

4/16 NEW! Third and final ACH Withdrawal (remaining balance.)

By early May Girl recognitions are mailed to the Service Unit

Late-April Cookie Dough mailed to Troop Leader


Additional Forms for Volunteers

Saving Cookie Dough form

Cupboard Manager Listing

Guidelines for Booth Sales at WalMart

Troop Inventory Worksheet (Microsoft Excel) (Adobe Acrobat/PDF)

Booth Sale Report/Tracker (Microsoft Excel) (Adobe Acrobat/PDF)

How to enter a Troop Secured Booth Sale into Snap

Staff Operated Cookie Cupboards

If you have questions for the cookie cupboard, you can call any Girl Scout offices to be transferred during regular business hours or call the cupboard direct. Staff led cupboards are open Wednesday-Friday 8:30-5:30 through March 18; Saturday 9-12 through March 8.

St. Cloud
3360 Southway Drive (back of building) St. Cloud Map
Phone: 320-247-4563

28 N 3rd Ave W Duluth Map
Phone: 218-302-3185 

Volunteer Operated Cookie Cupboards
Please call to set up a time to visit a volunteer operarted cupboard.
Cupboard manager list: Cupboard Manager Listing        

How the Girl Scout Cookie Crumbles:

.99 Cost of cookies

.97 Troop & girl rewards

2.04 Program support: event, resources,

volunteer development, resident

camp, and financial aid, and

maintenance/ operation of properties

You’d be surprised what a Girl Scout Cookie can build!

Through the Girl Scout Cookie Program girls develop five business building skills:

• Goal setting

• Decision making

• Money management

• People skills

• Business Ethics

Cookie Facts Flyer

Girl Scout Cookies

The Girl Scouts Cookie program is the largest girl-led business in the country and generates over $700 million for girls and communities nationwide.

Thank you for your part in making the Girl Scout Cookie Sale successful for girls.














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