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Albany Area Girl Scouts will be participating in the Albany Heritage Day Parade on August 2nd.
To join in, or for more information please contact Diana Brown DBrownie@clearwire.net

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The Product Sales staff recently road tripped to Interbake Foods (ABC Bakers) in North Sioux City, SD to continue planning our next Cookie Sale Program. While there, we were able to see how our cookies are made.  Interbake has 500 employees, and runs three shifts, six days a week.  One third of what they make there is Girl Scout cookies. It’s no wonder we could smell Thin Mints when we walked in the building!

Summer is when we do most of our planning for the upcoming year for both the Fall and Cookie Sale programs. At this time we are beginning to contact our past Community Product Sales Managers (CPSM) and Cupboard Managers to see if they are willing to assist us this coming year with either the Fall or Cookie Sales or both.  Thank you to all who have worked with us in the past – we hope you will continue to help girls with their upcoming product sales programs! So far we know of several openings around the council for these volunteer positions.  If this is something you are interested in, please contact your Product Sales and Finance
Specialist for more information.  

Fall Product Sale Program dates have been set and there are some new changes to the program which we think will be helpful to troops. 

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The Membership Department needs your help!  We need to meet our goal!  If you have yet to register for the new Girl Scout year, we ask that you be “on time” and renew your membership before October 1, 2014, the official start of the 2014-15 Girl Scout year.

2,063 girls and 627 adults participated in the Spring Jump Start Renewal Campaign.  Girls participating earned their 2014-15 Jump
Start patch for renewing their membership early by June 15. A total of 177 Troop Leaders earned a Girl Scout shop gift certificate for a free Girl Scout polo shirt for registering their troop and submitting their updated troop roster. Interested to see how your Service Unit did?  Check out your numbers here!

Missed the Jump Start deadline for your troop?  Please read on….

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Attention all Girl Scouts!  The Common Ground Garden at the College of St. Benedict in St. Joseph is offering the following opportunities for girls to work on badges, learn about gardening, and have fun with their friends this summer. 
All sessions will meet from 6:00pm-7:00pm.  The Garden requires a minimum of 7 participants to schedule a program. 
Cost is $5.00 per participant, chaperones are free of charge.  Please schedule your session at least two weeks in advance. 
Call to schedule your troop for some summertime fun!  For scheduling contact Kate Ritger @ 262-339-7737 or ommionground@csbsju.edu | For questions or more information contact Ann @ anickmcgee@msn.com


Monday July 14 | Junior Badge “Gardner”

Monday July 21 | Brownies Badge “Bugs”

Monday July 28 | Junior Badge “Flowers”

Monday August 4 | Brownie Badge “Painting”

Monday August 11 | Junior Badge “ Digital Photography” (girls need to bring digital camera)

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Texas Roadhouse in Waite Park invites all Girl Scout Troops take a field trip to their restaurant. While there, your troop will learn a line dance, bake bread, and play a game! There is no charge, but you must pre-register by contacting Tiffany Mason at store_stcloudmn@TexasRoadhouse.com or calling 320 253-7427 (e-mail preferred).

A big THANK YOU to Texas Roadhouse for sponsoring this member benefit! 

Do you know of other businesses who offer benefits for Girl Scout members? Please let us know so we can spread the word!


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I have had the pleasure of attending a few Court of Award & Bridging Ceremonies this past week.  It has been really interesting to see what the girls have accomplished this past year and inspiring to see that with good leadership and support, girls can do anything!  I would really like to share with you some thoughts on these events from the volunteers...
Pam Maurus-Leader in Sauk Rapids, MN
As the Court of Awards signals the unofficial end of the Girl Scout year, it is a time to reflect.
I encourage you to volunteer, I have just whipped together a Court of Awards program at the last minute with no budget and little personal time to dedicate to it, my thoughts are - next time I volunteer and you see me doing a ‘one women show’, please stop me and insist on lending a hand. But, I also want to say thanks to those who have come before me and created the Court of Awards format for me to follow. 
As a leader, volunteer! You don’t have to go big, but ‘go’ all the same. As Brownies, we try it. As leaders we need to do the same – just try it. If you feel like repeating your success or implementing your improvements next year, that’s great!