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Fall Product Sale


·         The Fall Product Sale is wrapping up nicely.  The council ACH debits troop accounts for the full balance due on December 10th.  Troops need to make sure to have their Fall Sale money deposited in their account this week for this debit. 


·         If a troop is having difficulty collecting money from a family, the troop needs to fill out the F-10 Outstanding Money Report and let Product Sales & Finance know by this Friday, December 5th so that we have time to make the adjustment to the troop’s debit amount. (Please be aware that all council staff will be out of the office at an all staff meeting on December 3-4 and our offices will be closed, but we will be back on December 5 so feel free to email/call Product Sales staff if you have an issue and we will follow up upon return.)


·         If a troop has had any checks returned for the Fall Sale then they should fill out the Product Sales Returned Check Notification Form. This form should be completed and turned in as soon as a bad check is received as checks more than 60 days old will not be reimbursed.


·         Kids found your private stash of Gummi Berries?  The council has a limited amount of Fall Product left available for sale.  Please contact us for details. 


·         We need to hear from you! Please fill out the Fall Product Sale evaluation form found in the back of your Fall Answer Book and return to the Waite Park Regional Center by January 9, 2015.  Your feedback helps us to make changes and improve the sale for next year. 


·         Thank you again to everyone who helped to make the Fall Sale a success!


Cookie Sale –


·         Thank you to everyone who was able to participate in one of our council cookie trainings so far.  Due to the weather, the training at Camp Sanderson has been postponed to December 11th.  Trainings are also available in Virginia (December 8) and Duluth (December 9).  Please RSVP if you wish to attend or need more details.  If the Virginia training does not reach at least ten yes RSVPS, this training will be cancelled.  An online training will also be available beginning December 12th at www.abcsmartcookieu.com.


·         In order to sign in to ABC Smart Cookie U, you must have a COCO login.  The login and password will work at both www.abcsmartcookies.com and www.abcsmartcookieu.com.  1. Begin at www.abcsmartcookies.com and click on the COCO icon towards the bottom of the page.  Then click on the Volunteer box. Scroll towards the bottom and login.  2. If you are a new user, click Register at the bottom of the screen.  3. If you are a returning user, your username is the full email address you used to create the account.  If you cannot remember your password, please just create a new account.


·         To login to ABC Smart Cookie U you will use your COCO login and password.  Please allow 24-48 hours for COCO to upload to ABC Smart Cookie U before logging in the first time. 


·         Cookie Cupboard Locations/Help Needed.  The council is currently looking to secure locations for council cookie cupboards in Duluth and Waite Park/St. Cloud.  If you are aware of the perfect location, let us know! We are also looking to hire temporary cookie cupboard employees at both council cupboard locations.  Flexible hours optional. Please contact Vickie Strobel (320-247-4568) if you can assist us with either a cupboard location or would like to apply to work during the cookie sale.  THANK YOU!


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COOKIES arrived this week in the CouncilCan you believe it?  Cookie Sale Program trainings begin in just one week.  Have you signed up yet? We suggest that at least one adult volunteer from each troop attend the training.  It’s a great opportunity to learn valuable information, sample the cookies, and network with other volunteers.


·         Camp Sanderson, Tuesday, November 11, 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

·         Brainerd, Thursday, November 13, 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

·         St. Cloud, Saturday, November 15, 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon.

·         Grand Rapids, Monday, December 8, 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

·         Duluth, Tuesday, December 9, 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.


Please RSVP with your name, troop, service unit, town, email address and date/place attending to either Maureen Graham:  mgraham@gslakesandpines.org or 320.247.4571, or Jess Hoffmann:  jhoffmann@gslakesandpines.org or 320.247.4563.  We will also have an online training available at www.smartcookieu.com beginning Friday, December 12. RSVP today. We look forward to hearing from you!



THANK YOU to all who participated in any way in this year’s Fall Product Sale Program.  The Council order has been sent to our Fall Sale vendor and delivery information has been sent to community product sales managers.  Some of the important sale dates remaining:


·         Product delivery to service units: November 12 – 17

·         Girls deliver product to customers: Beginning November 12

·         Family Money due to troops: December 1

·         Troop deposits money into troop account: by December 2

·         Council debits troop account for 100% of balance due: December 10


Fall recognition awards are shipped to community product sales managers at the end of November/early December.  Give recognitions to the girls after they have delivered products and turned in all money.


Questions about the Fall or Cookie Sale Programs? Contact your Product Sales and Finance Specialist.

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The 2014 Fall Product Sale Program has begun, but it’s not too late to DIVE IN and BE ACTIVE!!!  Girls can earn recognition credit until October 19 by selling nuts and chocolates, magazines and photo keepsakes.  Troops earn 20% in proceeds on items sold; an easy way to gain start up funds for your troop!  Interested? Contact your Product Sales and Finance Specialist today to get started. 


Volunteers who took the Fall Product Sale Program Training received a certificate for FREE Digital Troop Photo Book for their troop.  If you have tried to redeem your troop’s certificate and have gotten an error message – do not be alarmed.  There are some delays as the vendor gets this exciting new program up and running.  Missed one of the council’s in person Fall Sale Trainings and interested in receiving a certificate for a FREE Digital Troop Photo Book?  Contact your Product Sales and Finance Specialist to find out how – while supplies last!


In search of excellent Express Cookie Cupboards! Looking ahead to the 2015 Cookie Sale Program, we find that there are a number of openings for Cookie Cupboards in our council.  Consider volunteering to take on this vital role of our Cookie Sale.  Hosting an Express Cookie Cupboard does not take a great space or time commitment.  Receive a cookie shipment once a week during the sale, only when your area troops place a planned order and choose your cupboard as their pick up site.  After delivery, troops come and pick up just the cookies that they ordered and there is not much more to do for the week.  If troops do not place any orders that week, no cookies are delivered.  And there is no additional product on hand to store!  This volunteer position would be great for retired or work/stay-at-homes with internet access.  Interested? Know someone who could host an Express Cupboard?  Need more information? Contact your Product Sales and Finance Specialist. 


Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered the new gluten free Trios cookie for the 2015 Cookie Sale.  Did your troop miss the opportunity to place a pre-order and participate in this year’s pilot program?  It’s not too late!  We still have a limited number of cases available.  Interested in participating in the Gluten Free Cookie Pilot Program?  See all of the details on our website and contact us today!

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Walk to support a violence free community!

8th Annual Taking Steps Against Domestic Violence

Tuesday, October 14th @ 5:00pm

Check out the details HERE!

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The Fall Product Sale is a great way to earn start-up funds for troop activities. Girls run their own business: taking orders for nuts, chocolates, and magazines beginning in mid-September and delivering products in late November. Troops earn 20% profit from sales plus girls earn recognitions for selling as few as 10 nut/chocolate items or 2 magazine subscriptions!

We've got some exciting changes to the Fall Product Sale program this year which can help girls increase sales and earn more troop profit!

Every troop who wants to sell Fall Product needs to have an adult volunteer participate in the Training.  Volunteers can come to any of the six locations listed below.

Fall Product Training Options 

·         St. Cloud, MN, Rasmussen College, Wed, September 3, 6:00-7:30 p.m.

·         Brainerd, MN, Public Library, Mon, September 8, 6:30-8:30 pm 

·         Bemidji, MN, United Methodist Church, Tues, September 9, 5:30-7:30 pm

·         Spicer, MN, Camp Sanderson, Tues, September 9, 6:30-8:30 pm

·         Mora, MN, United Methodist Church, Wed, September 10, 6:30-8:30 pm

·         Duluth, MN, Ordean Building, Thurs, September 11, 6:00-8:30 pm 

Please register today by clicking on the link on our calendar/home page, or contact your Product Sales and Finance Specialist for more information.  We look forward to connecting with you and sharing more details about the 2014 Fall Product Sale!


Get Your Troop on Board to Sell Gluten Free Trios!

We are participating in ABC Bakers’ gluten free cookie pilot program in 2015.  Last year’s gluten free cookie sold out quickly. Please sign up now so your troop can say, “Yes, we do offer gluten free cookies!” 

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Region 4 Volunteer Girl Scout Kick Off!

Monday, August 11, 2014
6:30-8pm (6pm - Light supper will be served.)
St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Alexandria – Great Hall


  • Fall Recruitment Training  -Community Recruitment Packets Distribution
  • Important Product Sales and Program Updates
  • Fall/Winter Regional Event & Training Calendar

Service Unit Managers, Community Coordinators and volunteers who assist with recruitment events in their community are welcomed and encouraged to attend.  RSVP to Linda Bear at lbear@gslakesandpines.org by Monday, August 4.  RSVP’s are needed for training and food planning.  Directions to meeting location will be emailed one week prior to meeting. 

<![CDATA[Girl Scout Parade Opportunity!]]> http://girlscouts.legacy-web-6.getliveedit.com/Blog/Region-4-Volunteer-Update/Girl-Scout-Parade-Opportunity/
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Albany Area Girl Scouts will be participating in the Albany Heritage Day Parade on August 2nd.
To join in or for more information please contact Diana Brown DBrownie@clearwire.net

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At Girl Scouts, it’s not just that you get to go – you get to go together.  All your adventures are even more special because your friends are right by your side…imagine what you’ll do next year!

Why wait?  Claim your spot for another year of fun!

Calling all Girl Scouts – girls and adults! 

If you have yet to register for the new Girl Scout year, we ask that you be “on time” and renew your membership before October 1, 2014, the official start of the 2014-15 Girl Scout year.

2,063 girls and 627 adults participated in the Spring Jump Start Renewal Campaign.  Girls participating earned their 2014-15 Jump Start patch for renewing their membership early by June 15. 177 Troop Leaders earned a Girl Scout shop gift certificate for a free Girl Scout polo shirt for registering their troop and submitting their updated troop roster.

Missed the Jump Start deadline for your troop?
Please read on….

Be “on-time” and renew your troop according to the guidelines below by September 1 to be entered into a troop drawing for a free Program on the Go for your Service Unit.  (one winning troop per membership region)

“On Time” guidelines:

1. Dig out your Spring Jump Start Troop Packet mailed to all 01 Troop Leaders in early April or call your Region’s Membership Specialist for a re-print.

2. Complete the new and easy renewal by troop roster as instructed and submit with associated membership fees or register online at www.gslakesandpines.org and click on “Join Girl Scouts.”

3. If registering online, submit your updated roster indicating “online registration with date” to your Membership Specialist or to the Waite Park Regional Office.

4.  Keep a copy of your completed Troop Roster for your records.

If you have any questions, please contact us at membership@gslakesandpines.org. We are happy to help!

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Product Sales staff recently road tripped to Interbake Foods (ABC Bakers) in North Sioux City, SD to continue planning our next Cookie Sale Program.  While there, we were able to see how our cookies are made.  Interbake has 500 employees, and runs three shifts, six days a week.  One third of what they make there is Girl Scout cookies.  It’s no wonder we could smell Thin Mints when we walked in the building!

Summer is when we do most of our planning for the upcoming year for both the Fall and Cookie Sale programs.  At this time we are beginning to contact our past Community Product Sales Managers (CPSM) and Cupboard Managers to see if they are willing to assist us this coming year with either the Fall or Cookie Sales or both.  Thank you to all who have worked with us in the past – we hope you will continue to help girls with their upcoming product sales programs!  So far we know of several openings around the council for these volunteer positions.  If this is something you are interested in, please contact your Product Sales and Finance Specialist for more information. 

Fall Product Sale Program dates have been set and there are some new changes to the program which we think will be helpful to troops. 

<![CDATA[Product Sales and Finance Updates ~ June 2014]]> http://girlscouts.legacy-web-6.getliveedit.com/Blog/Region-4-Volunteer-Update/Product-Sales-and-Finance-Updates--June-2014/
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Every troop must submit their annual Troop Financial Report (TFR) to their Community Coordinator, Service Unit Manager or
Service Unit Treasurer by June 15 who needs to submit them to their Product Sales and Finance Specialist no later than July 1.  Writable forms are available on our website: http://gslakesandpines.org/files/4797.pdf.  Do a file/save as to your computer. Remember that expenses must be entered as negative numbers for the math to work correctly.  A copy of your checkbook register and a recent bank statement must be included.

Troops who fail to submit their TFR are subject to an audit and/or freezing of their Girl Scout bank account.  Please help us by turning in your troop’s report in a timely manner.  Please contact your Product Sales and Finance Specialist if you have any questions.  Thank you!


Do you and your girls want a say in what recognitions are chosen for the next cookie sale?  Voting is open NOW.  Click the link to begin.  Our council uses YOUR choices to make our final selections.  We need to hear from you today!  Lead the Change! Voting closes June 30th.


We are already well into the planning of the 2014 Fall Sale and the 2015 Cookie Sale Programs.  Know that we have some great things in store for these sales, but for now we hope that troops are enjoying the warmer weather and reaping the benefits of their past sales in order to do the things they planned to do.  For a little light reading, for those troops that are not yet self sustaining, we recommend the following to help your troop plan for the upcoming year: What is a Self Sustaining Troop? Enjoy the start of summer and know that we appreciate all that you have done and continue to do for Girl Scouts.  THANK YOU from all of us.

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At Girl Scouts, it’s not just that you get to go – you get to go together.  All your adventures are even more special because your friends are right by your side…imagine what you’ll do next year.

Why wait?  Claim your spot for another year of fun!

Enjoy another great year with Girl Scouts and Jump into spring with our spring membership renewal campaign Jump Start! 

Girls get a free Jump Start patch if forms are turned in to the Waite Park Regional Center by June 15,

    Jump Start
New this year for 01 Leaders:  A Girl Scout shop gift certificate for your own Girl Scout polo shirt (comes in all sizes) if you return your completed troop roster as indicated and re-register all continuing girls and adults by June 15, 2014.      

Girls and families worked hard to sell cookies.  Use those proceeds to pay their $15 membership fees!  (It will be one less thing to pay for during back-to-school time!)  Troops have always been encouraged to include membership
renewal in their troop budget as part of being a self sufficient troop.

Other great benefits to your troop and your Service Unit: 
Your troop will be ready to start right away in the fall and you will know who is returning! Placing new girls at fall registration is easy because troops know the number of new girls they can add to their troop. The recruitment of new adult leadership can start right away because you will know if an adult leader is not returning.  A Troop Assessment Form (#3603) is available for you to print and distribute at your next SU leader’s meeting to find out if volunteers will be returning.

Need on-line registration help?  Refer to this link and scroll down page for additional
information: http://gslakesandpines.org/pages/JumpStartInformation/
Are you a fun loving person who loves Girl Scouts? Read on…
Your Membership Specialist is seeking volunteers who like to have fun to establish Recruitment Teams within each service unit.  What do SU Recruitment Teams do?  They have fun getting the word out about Girl Scouts!

Where do you start?
1.   Contact your Membership Specialist today to join your Service Unit’s Recruitment Team! 
2.   Share ideas to make recruitment in your school or town tons of fun for girls and families. 
3.   Partner with you Membership Specialist to set dates and plans for your Service Unit’s Fall Kick-off and your Fall Recruitment events.

Membership Stats as of May 27, 2014

Girls                             6,718               We are 1,552 girls away from reaching our girl goal of 8,270. 
Adults                          2,538               We are 272 adults away from reaching our adult goal of 2,804
Total Membership      9,256                (this ncludes 452 lifetime members)


<![CDATA[Basic Outdoor Skills Training at Camp Sanderson]]> http://girlscouts.legacy-web-6.getliveedit.com/Blog/Region-4-Volunteer-Update/Basic-Outdoor-Skills-Training-at-Camp-Sanderson/
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Are you thinking about a spring or summer camping trip with your troop?  What a great way to do some team building and make memories you and your girls will always treasure.  NOW is the time to get your GSMWLP Basic Outdoor Skills training so you'll be ready. 


Whether you're just getting started or have been camping all your life, the Basic Outdoor Skills (BOS) training is designed to prepare you to lead a safe and successful Girl Scout camping trip, so we require at least one adult on your trip to have completed our BOS training.  Plus, you'll get to enjoy some delicious food cooked over a campfire!


GSMWLP Basic Outdoor Skills

March 22, 2014

Camp Sanderson - Spicer MN

10:00am - 2:00pm

Cost: $10

Deadline to register: March 19

Questions? Contact Leah Voss | 320-247-4565 | lvoss@gslakesandpines.org

Sign up today!

<![CDATA[Adult Retreat/Camp Care Weekend at Shingobee Timbers]]> http://girlscouts.legacy-web-6.getliveedit.com/Blog/Region-4-Volunteer-Update/Adult-RetreatCamp-Care-Weekend-at-Shingobee-Timbers/
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You are invited to the adult retreat/camp care weekend at Shingobee Timbers.  Please share this with all registered Girl Scout adults in our council and register today to be part of this great weekend!  Space is limited to the first 40 registrations so don’t delay!  Click HERE for the registration form.

<![CDATA[Adult Recognitions]]> http://girlscouts.legacy-web-6.getliveedit.com/Blog/Region-4-Volunteer-Update/Adult-Recognitions/
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We accept nominations year round for the many deserving volunteers who strive to provide the best Girl Scout experience for girls in Girl Scouting! Check out the recognition page on our website for descriptions and criteria:  http://www.gslakesandpines.org/pages/Recognition/

You may also request numeral year pins from our website on the same link! Remember to include your years as a girl when you are adding them up!

<![CDATA[Join Us for Cookie Sale Program Training! ]]> http://girlscouts.legacy-web-6.getliveedit.com/Blog/Region-4-Volunteer-Update/Join-Us-for-Cookie-Sale-Program-Training--/
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Secure valuable information to help the Cookie Sale Program run smoothly for your troop. All adult members are invited to attend Cookie Training. This training will be especially helpful for Troop Product Sales Managers (aka “Cookie Moms”), Troop Leaders, and Community Product Sales Managers. It’s suggested that at least one adult volunteer from each troop attend the training.

Region 4’s Cookie Sale Training has been set for Thursday, November 21, at 6:30 p.m. at Calvary Lutheran Church, 605 Douglas Street, Alexandria.  Please allow about two hours for the training, plus additional time for asking questions, networking, and cookie
. Light refreshments will be served. Bring a friend to share in the fun and learning!

Please RSVP to Maureen by Monday, November 18 if you plan to attend this important training.  If this training date does not work for you, please see the full list of available Cookie Trainings on our website.  See you there!

<![CDATA[Fall Product Sale Training by Conference Call ~ Sign Up Today!]]> http://girlscouts.legacy-web-6.getliveedit.com/Blog/Region-4-Volunteer-Update/Fall-Product-Sale-Training-by-Conference-Call--Sign-Up-Today/
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Fall Product Sale Training by conference call will be offered on Monday, September 23 at 6:00 p.m. for those who did not attend in person trainings.  This training is suggested for Troop Product Sales Managers, Troop Leaders, and Community Product Sales Managers.  The training will be approximately one hour in length.  To sign up and receive call in information, please contact Maureen Graham by email mgraham@gslakesandpines.org or phone 320-247-4571 by noon on September 23. Please join us!

<![CDATA[Bumble Bee Garden Party: Fall Training / Meeting]]> http://girlscouts.legacy-web-6.getliveedit.com/Blog/Region-4-Volunteer-Update/Bumble-Bee-Garden-Party-Fall-Training--Meeting/
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It's almost Back to Troop Time. Grab your best party gear and join us for our funnest Fall Kickoff event ever. Yes, there will be prizes!

Fall Product Sale Training

The 2013 Fall Product Sale is a great and easy way for troops to earn start-up funds for activities the girls would like to participate in during the Girl Scout year.  Learn all of the latest information to get your troop ready to sell.  We encourage at least one adult volunteer from each troop to attend either a council training or a training offered by your Community Product Sales Manager.  If you have not been to a training before or if it has been a while, come and check it out!

Back to Troop Membership Kickoff 

"I can't wait to...be a Girl Scout!" is our recruitment call.  Girl Scouts is fun - so let's havefun! Prizes and materials will be available for all. We will walk through your plans for fall and infuse Girl Scout fun throughout. We want every girl to say, "I can't wait to be a Girl Scout!"

So plan now to be with us at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 22 at Calvary Lutheran Church, 605 Douglas Street, in Alexandria. 


6:00 - Light Supper

6:30 - Fall Product Training 

7:30 - Regional Updates

Distribution of Fall Recruitment Packets to Service Unit Managers and Community Coordinators

Service Unit Managers and Community Coordinators, if you're unable to join us, please contact Linda Bear to get your Fall Recruitment Packets. 

RSVP by Monday, August 19 to Maureen or 320-247-4571. 

<![CDATA[Already got a Jump Start and re-registered for 2013-14 Girl Scout year? ]]> http://girlscouts.legacy-web-6.getliveedit.com/Blog/Region-4-Volunteer-Update/Already-got-a-Jump-Start-and-re-registered-for-2013-14-Girl-Scout-year-/
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Top 10 Reasons to Jump Start and

Re-register for Girl Scouts Today


1.     Convenient options: Register online or if you prefer, paper registration forms are still available.  Find both at www.gslakesandpines.org and click on “Join Girl Scouts’ or “Re-register Now.”

2.     If online help is needed, it is just an e-mail away:   helpdesk@gslakesandpines.org

3.     If online registering, you receive an e-mail confirmation within 15 minutes of completing your online registration. 

4.     Your girl will receive the free 2013-14 Jumpstart patch shown.

5.     Troop Incentive for Online Registering:  If your girl is in a troop, her troop will receive $5 for

             every girl registering online if 80% of the whole troop online registers by June 15.

a.     Your troop will know your girl will be returning.

b.     Your troop and Service Unit will know your Troop Leaders are returning.

c.     Your troop will be able to start up easily when school starts again in September.

6.     Your community’s Girl Scout Service Unit will receive a free 4 foot vinyl Girl Scout parade

             banner if 80% of all current Service Unit girl and adult members re-register by June 15.

7.     Camp Bonus! Get a free t-shirt:  Sign up for any camp session over $100 and receive a free camp t-shirt when you renew your Girl Scout membership for 2013-14 by June 15!  Check the website above and click on Camp.

8.     You can join or re-join in any way the fits your family:  as a member of a troop that is supported by family volunteers or as a Juliette (independent) Girl Scout (do everything all Girl Scouts do except meet as a member of a troop.)

9.     Discover yourself, connect with your community, and take action to make the world a better place.

10.  Girl Scouts is great! - of course you want your girl to earn her Jump Start patch and help her Troop and Service Unit meet their goals:

<![CDATA[FOUR NOTES TO TROOPS]]> http://girlscouts.legacy-web-6.getliveedit.com/Blog/Region-4-Volunteer-Update/FOUR-NOTES-TO-TROOPS/
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Planned Orders

Please place your planned orders in Snap by 10 p.m. on Saturday evenings to have delivery to your cupboard by the following Friday.  What you need to know: as a council we rely on troops placing planned orders to determine how many cookies to order each week and to send these cookies where they need to go.  Please help us help you by placing planned orders whenever possible. Please refer to page 26 of the pink Answer Book for Troop Product Sales Managers for complete instructions.  Remember to order in package quantities.

Booth Sales

Please continue to put your booth requests each week in Snap.  For instructions see the previous blog article on this topic. Cookie Booths continue through March 10.

ACH Debit

The first ACH debit was February 20.  If your ACH debit did not go through for any reason, please contact me about making alternate payment plans.  Remember to collect and deposit money from your families each week.  The next ACH debit will be March 20 at which time 50% of your remaining balance owed will be due.

Girls in Snap

You may have noticed some changes to your troop’s listing of girls in Snap.  This past week we did an upload of girls from our membership system to Snap.  This is the only upload of information we plan to do for this sale.  Please check your listing to make sure it is correct and remove any duplicate names.  You will need to verify that this list is correct before transferring packages to girls or placing a recognition order later on.  If you have any questions, please contact me. 

<![CDATA[Help us to help you advertise your troop’s Cookie Booth Sale!]]> http://girlscouts.legacy-web-6.getliveedit.com/Blog/Region-4-Volunteer-Update/Help-us-to-help-you-advertise-your-troops-Cookie-Booth-Sale/
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To add to the success of your troop’s Cookie Sale, all troops should enter their booth sale information in Snap as they are scheduled.  Information provided thru Snap will be uploaded to the Cookie Booth Locator so that those searching online for a nearby cookie sale will be able to find your troop’s booth sale.  Boost your troop’s business by providing accurate, complete information for all of your Cookie Booths in a timely manner. 

If you are in an area with a Cookie Booth Coordinator, please contact them for their approval of the Cookie Booth before setting up the booth or uploading the information to Snap.  For additional information on Cookie Booth Sales, please see page 25 of the pink Answer Book.  Read more to learn how to enter your troop's cookie booth sale dates in Snap.

<![CDATA[]]> http://girlscouts.legacy-web-6.getliveedit.com/Blog/Region-4-Volunteer-Update//
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Cookie Rally

Saturday, Jan 12, 2013

12:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Senior High School; Sauk Centre, MN
Be a Cookie Professional

More Info...

Volunteers needed to help with the stations

Contact Marge Hanson, Volunteer Specialist

mhanson@gslakesandpines.org or


<![CDATA[Volunteer Training]]> http://girlscouts.legacy-web-6.getliveedit.com/Blog/Region-4-Volunteer-Update/Volunteer-Training/
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There will be several teleconference trainings coming up within the next couple of months.  Coop Troop Training will be held on Thursday, December 6, at 6:30 p.m.  You may register online by going to our website (Troop Management Trainings).  When you register, you will receive a confirmation email along with the materials and call-in number. 

 Forms training will be held on February 21 and April 11.  There will be additional information, as well as, registration information available on our website soon.  

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Holiday Inn & Suites, Lyric Conference Room
Duluth, Minnesota
January 25-26, 2013

Service Unit Delegates are a vital communication link between the local service units and the council.  They are individuals who are selected by the service units to represent them at the annual meeting.  Any registered Girl Scout, 14 years or older, is eligible to become a Delegate.  It is extremely important that all Service Units are represented.  Please make sure your voice is heard!  Here are the number of Delegates your Service Unit is entitled to have: SU #19—5, SU #20—3, SU #21—3, SU #22—4, SU #23—3.

Dates and times for the Service Unit Delegate Training Teleconference Sessions are:

Choose one:
     Thursday, December 6, 6-8 pm
     Tuesday, December 11, 6-8 pm

Dial: 866-477-6298   Enter PIN: 275465#

Please register as a delegate for the annual meeting

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We are currently planning the 6-week after-school Girl Scout Series—It’s Your Business, Run It!—and have a seasonal part time opening for a Girl Scouts in ACTION Coordinator. This position is responsible for quality delivery of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience by working directly with schools and volunteers to coordinate a 6-week after-school Girl Scout series culminating with a related Take Action event/project.  This person may also facilitate some of the sessions.  We will need a coordinator and volunteers in both the Alexandria and Willmar communities.  Training for this series begins mid-January.

If you or someone you know would be interested in volunteering your time and talent as a role model for girls, please contact Marge Hanson, Volunteer Specialist, at 320-403-2108 or mhanson@gslakesandpines.org.  

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In support of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, Lakes & Pines Girl Scout Shops are happy to offer adult volunteers the tools they need to guide girls in their leadership Journeys. Now through Dec. 31, 2012, all 18 Adult Guide/Journey Book Sets for all age-levels are 33% off. Regularly $15, on sale $10.

The adult guide for each Journey offers an introduction to the journey's theme and awards, grade-level-specific tips and suggestions, and a full set of sample session plans filled with ceremonies, activities, discussions, and reflections. Adult guides also provide detailed instructions, examples, supply lists, and discussion starters to bring the journey to life in partnership with girls.

Save $5 during this special limited time offer! Visit us or contact your Girl Scout shop in Waite Park and Duluth to place an order.

Please note: Hurricane Sandy has caused a delay in the processing and shipping of orders from Girl Scout Merchandise on the east coast. If you have recently placed a special order with Lakes & Pines shops, it may be arriving later than our normal two week turn-around. We remain well-stocked with most all of the Girl Scout basics - uniforms, emblems, awards, and books. Please call if you have questions about an order you placed recently.

If you and your fellow Girl Scout leaders would benefit from additional training on how to blend Journeys and the Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting into a more meaningful Leadership Experience, please contact me (320-403-2108 or mhanson@gslakesandpines.org)  to set up a learning session for your Service Unit.

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There will be a training day in St Cloud on Saturday, December 8, at Rasmussen College.  This includes Cookie Training.  If you missed the training in Glenwood on November 15, you may attend this one.  However, please register so that they have sufficient materials for everyone.  Check out the registration form today and let us know you're coming! Forms received after 12/4 will not guarantee you program supplies.

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Regional Service Unit Training

Date: Thursday, November 15, 2012

Time: 6:30 p.m.

Location: Glenwood Lutheran Church

206 Minnesota Avenue East

Glenwood, MN 56334

(Please note: Entrance and parking are located at the back of the church.)


This meeting is for all Troop Cookie Managers as well as all interested volunteers.


Dessert will be served beginning at 6:15.


Please RSVP by noon on Monday, November12, to mhanson@gslakesandpines.org


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It’s almost FLAMINGO TIME!!!


Troops throughout the council are getting ready to participate in this year’s Fall Product Sale program which gives girls a great opportunity to raise funds for their upcoming Girl Scout adventures. 


The Fall Product Sale, which runs October 6 – October 21, 2012, features delicious chocolates and nuts such as Dark Chocolate Mint Penguins, Chocolate Peanut Butter Bears, melt-in-your-mouth Dulce de Leche chocolates, and also the fun, new, collectible Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace mailbox tin which contains the ever popular Mint TreasuresThe other part of the Fall Product Sale is the magazine portion where girls may sell any of a large variety of magazines either in person or online. With over 665+ magazine subscriptions, plus 50 digital subscriptions and 30 combo deals, where customers buy a regular subscription and get the digital version free, there is something for everyone in the magazine sale.  Remember, with online magazine sales there is no need to collect money from troop families, and no need to pick up or deliver any products! 


Troops earn 20% of the proceeds from the sales of both the magazines and the nuts and chocolates.  Girls may earn fun recognition items like a hair tie lollipop, tap and wrap watch, or Fiona Flamingo, this year’s Fall Product Sale program mascot.  Also, the Fall Product Sale program provides much needed resources to help support our council’s local offices and you, our volunteers. 


Please remember, girls in a troop need to participate in BOTH the council-sponsored Fall Product Sale AND the Cookie Sale programs for a troop to be eligible to participate in any additional money earning activities such a bake sale, rummage sale, or other troop fundraiser.


In the Fall Product Sale program, troops may sell just chocolates and nuts, or just magazines, or both!  There are no minimum or maximum sales amounts required in order to participate.  Interested?  Click the link for more details Fall Product Sale for Volunteers or contact Maureen Graham in the Waite Park office to find out how you can get started!

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Ready – Set – Go!!

We hope you all are having a fabulous summer and are dreaming of the joy of a new Girl Scout year!  We have been working hard on preparing for upcoming meetings and trainings.  On August 6th we tried our hand at our first teleconference.  I know it was a lot of information but we wanted to provide Service Unit Managers (SUMs) and Community Coordinators (CCs) information to prepare for the upcoming SU meetings as it relates to the new Service Unit structure.  Additional information on the volunteer position descriptions will be emailed to SUMs and CCs by August 17.


Important Regional Service Unit Meetings:

Monday, August 27 (Sauk Centre): Region 4 Meeting (site and time to be determined)

This meeting will provide the opportunity to learn about the 5 Basic Functions of a successful Girl Scout Service Unit Team. Let’s brainstorm and envision how we can assist each other in having strong effective Service Units for the upcoming Girl Scout year! This session is for Service Unit team members: Service Unit Managers, Membership Recruitment Chairs, Volunteer Support Chairs, Community Coordinators, Girl Scout Leadership Experience Program Chairs, Product Sales Managers, Trainers, Event Coordinators, Public Relations and Registrars.

Tuesday, September 11 (Morris): Region 4 Meeting (site and time to be determined)

This meeting is a duplicate of the one in Sauk Centre on the August 27.  Each Service Unit team needs to determine which date will best fit their schedules.

A light supper will be served at 6:15pm.  The meeting will be held from 6:30-8pm.


RSVPs Needed

Service Unit Managers and Community Coordinators please visit with volunteers in your Service Unit and email the meeting date your Service Unit plans to attend along with the names of the volunteers who will be attending with you.  At the end of the meeting Service Units/communities will received their needed items for recruitment events. 

Please RSVP  by Monday, August 20th by emailing me at lbear@gslakesandpines.org

Location information will be emailed to the Service Unit Managers/Community Coordinators by Wednesday, August 22.