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10 signs you've been on a Boundary Waters Canoe Trip
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By Tauna

Past participants and Guides from our Northern Lakes' Canoe Base have come together to share stories about the amazing impact this program has had on their lives. Below they have put together a (somewhat humorous) list of the Top ten signs you’ve been on a Boundary Waters Girl Scout canoe trip through the Northern Lakes Canoe Base:



  1. You measure distances in rods, or the length of a canoe. 10 rods? Not too bad…but could be steep or swampy. 300 rods? Ooh, that's nearly a mile! You go, girl!
  2. You pause near the Ry Krisp when you go grocery shopping. Something about it sounds so good right now.  Next decision: PB&J, cheese, or all three?  With mustard?
  3. Every January you dig out your trail clothes and wonder what the lifeguards will say if you wear your wet boots to the pool.
  4. When a friend casually mentions a “bridge” in conversation, you instantly throw off your backpack, run in front of her, swing your arms up and say “I’m ready!” followed by “I’ve got it!”
  5. You never go anywhere without a buddy.  And we mean anywhere!
  6. You lost count of your mosquito bites. Who cares, you’re having too much fun to worry about them up anyway!
  7. You put soap on your pots before making dinner. Old habits are hard to break!
  8. When things get rough (say, hard test at school), you break out into a song! “A is for apples we leave back in town…”
  9. You can carry anything, across any portage!
  10. You know the power of teamwork when headwinds blow, canoes need to be carried across portages, and camp chores need to get done. You know that if you set your mind to do something, it will get done!  You know the beauty of the wilderness, the call of the loon in the morning, and the joy of singing around a fire with Girl Scout friends under the northern lights.  You know that a Girl Scout canoe trip is an adventure like no other experience!

Want to go on a Girl Scout canoe trip? Crews are forming now. Registration open to all girls ages 13+ and adults. Girls can come alone or with adults. No previous experience necessary. 



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