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By Maureen Graham

It’s almost FLAMINGO TIME!!!


Troops throughout the council are getting ready to participate in this year’s Fall Product Sale program which gives girls a great opportunity to raise funds for their upcoming Girl Scout adventures. 


The Fall Product Sale, which runs October 6 – October 21, 2012, features delicious chocolates and nuts such as Dark Chocolate Mint Penguins, Chocolate Peanut Butter Bears, melt-in-your-mouth Dulce de Leche chocolates, and also the fun, new, collectible Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace mailbox tin which contains the ever popular Mint TreasuresThe other part of the Fall Product Sale is the magazine portion where girls may sell any of a large variety of magazines either in person or online. With over 665+ magazine subscriptions, plus 50 digital subscriptions and 30 combo deals, where customers buy a regular subscription and get the digital version free, there is something for everyone in the magazine sale.  Remember, with online magazine sales there is no need to collect money from troop families, and no need to pick up or deliver any products! 


Troops earn 20% of the proceeds from the sales of both the magazines and the nuts and chocolates.  Girls may earn fun recognition items like a hair tie lollipop, tap and wrap watch, or Fiona Flamingo, this year’s Fall Product Sale program mascot.  Also, the Fall Product Sale program provides much needed resources to help support our council’s local offices and you, our volunteers. 


Please remember, girls in a troop need to participate in BOTH the council-sponsored Fall Product Sale AND the Cookie Sale programs for a troop to be eligible to participate in any additional money earning activities such a bake sale, rummage sale, or other troop fundraiser.


In the Fall Product Sale program, troops may sell just chocolates and nuts, or just magazines, or both!  There are no minimum or maximum sales amounts required in order to participate.  Interested?  Click the link for more details Fall Product Sale for Volunteers  or contact Maureen Graham in the Waite Park office to find out how you can get started!

By Linda Bear

Check out these great programs at Camp Sanderson in Spicer!  Click here to register

We are also looking for volunteers who would like to assist at these programs.  If you are interested please contact Jessica Kershner at  Jessica is also to the person to contact if you have any questions specific to these programs. 

Fall Festivities| Spicer, MN

Grades 2-5 (adults are welcome,too!) | November 2-3, 5:30pm-4:30pm| $35 girls, $25 adults, $10 volunteering
adults and program aides

Come celebrate autumn at Camp Sanderson! Join us for a Friday Fall-themed dinner. Spend the night in the
Program Center, and the day celebrating the season with pumpkins, squash, and scarecrows. Price includes dinner, breakfast, lunch, snack, lodging, program materials and a fun patch. Deadline to register is October 12 and space is limited.


Fall Festivities—Day Only|
Spicer, MN

Grades k-adult | November 3, 9am-4:30pm | $25 girls, $15 adults, $5 volunteering adults and program aides

Come celebrate autumn at Camp Sanderson! Join us for a day of pumpkins, squash, and scarecrows. Enjoy the
colors of fall during a craft session, and songs and games to celebrate the season. Price includes lunch, snack, program materials and a fun patch. Deadline to register is October 12 and space is limited.


Haunted Harvest| Spicer, MN

Grades 6-12 | November 3-4 9am-11am|$35 girls, $25 adults, $10 volunteering adults

Join us Saturday for the daytime Fall Festivities, then we’ll enjoy an autumn-themed dinner, and when the sun
goes down we’ll haunt the campground. Take a haunted stroll through camp, go spider sniffing, and learn about things that go “bump” in the night. Be sure to bring your favorite scary stories to the campfire. Cost includes lunch, snack, dinner, breakfast, lodging, program materials and a fun patch. Deadline to register is October 12 and space is limited.

By Bonnie Reeves

Regions three is blessed with a strong volunteer base.

We have five trainers and a dedicated core of volunteers who

have hosted a Volunteer Retreat for three years.

 I hope you can join them as they relax, refresh and reconnect;

as they embark on another Girl Scout Year!

Volunteer Retreat!

October 12-14, 2012

Camp Shingobee Timbers


Pack your bags and get ready to

“Camp Like a Girl”!

See the home page on the website for details.

Please, contact Bonnie if you have questions!

By MonicaHusen

Tricia Andrews, from the Bemidji Girl Scout Office, will present a Program On The Go for Cadette Scouts and their leaders who wish to complete the Silver Award. 

She will present the orientation in Brainerd on Monday, October 1, from 6:30-8:30, at the Girl Scout Office/Room across from Monica’s office on the corner of Kingwood and 8th St.

Tricia would like this form used for registration: It’s also under the program page at the website.  The cost is $5 per girl, adults free. Girls and adult receive the Silver Award Guidelines and Forms and other handouts that help them learn about the Silver Award process and what makes for a successful final project. The deadline for having the forms in to Tricia will be the Friday before the event. That would be September 28th. They need to be mailed or faxed to Tricia Andrews at the Bemidji office. She would like a minimum of 20 participants. 


If anyone has any questions, they can call me, Pam Stock at 828-9110 or email me at

By bdean


Fall is upon us and that means Girl Scout registration nights are happening across our council.  Be sure to check our website to find a sign up date in your region.  If you've already signed up, that's great!  Your girls leader will be contacting you soon.  Is your girl wanting to be a part of Girl Scouts but she wants to participate in other ways besides being in a troop?  Check out additional ways for girls to be involved.  They're called pathways. Learn more at

By MonicaHusen

Continue to check out the G.S. website for upcoming trainings.

By MonicaHusen

Registration nights are starting , girls will be bringing home flyers from school.
Some ask what if we can not make it to the registration night, you can still become a member of Girl Scouts, on each flyer is a contact perosns name
amd phone number, give them a call and they will get your  girls registered and conected with a troop.

By MonicaHusen

Healthier Girls ... Be One | Northland Arboretum | Brainerd MN

Girls Ages 11-15 & adults | Wed August 29 | Free


Use this link for more information or to RSVP today!

By MonicaHusen

Check back next week for dates on upcoming registration nights and watc our website at for dates and times.

By MonicaHusen

August 16th - S.U. 14
August 20th - S.U. 18
August 21st - S.U. 15
August 27th - S.U. 16
August 28th - S.U. 17
These  meetings are for all  registered adults, your Regiional team will be coming out to go over the new S.U. structure, bringing you dates on upcoming activities and programs.
For more info please contact Monica Husen  Membership Specialist Team Lead, at 218-828-3515.

By Tricia Andrews

Hello to Region 1 volunteers and families!  Girl Scouts of MN and WI Lakes and Pines has launched regional blogs to give us all an easy way to pass along timely updates and to stay connected to one another.  You will see two categories in our Region 1 blog. One is geared towards adult volunteers and the other one for family updates such as upcoming events and programs. We hope you find this a useful communcations tool, and that you share your own updates and questions as this blog develops and grows.  We hope to hear from you! 
Your Region 1 staff,
Tricia, Denise, Becky and Keri Lynn 

By Linda Bear

Ready – Set – Go!!

We hope you all are having a fabulous summer and are dreaming of the joy of a new Girl Scout year!  We have been working hard on preparing for upcoming meetings and trainings.  On August 6th we tried our hand at our first teleconference.  I know it was a lot of information but we wanted to provide Service Unit Managers (SUMs) and Community Coordinators (CCs) information to prepare for the upcoming SU meetings as it relates to the new Service Unit structure.  Additional information on the volunteer position descriptions will be emailed to SUMs and CCs by August 17.


Important Regional Service Unit Meetings:

Monday, August 27 (Sauk Centre): Region 4 Meeting (site and time to be determined)

This meeting will provide the opportunity to learn about the 5 Basic Functions of a successful Girl Scout Service Unit Team. Let’s brainstorm and envision how we can assist each other in having strong effective Service Units for the upcoming Girl Scout year! This session is for Service Unit team members: Service Unit Managers, Membership Recruitment Chairs, Volunteer Support Chairs, Community Coordinators, Girl Scout Leadership Experience Program Chairs, Product Sales Managers, Trainers, Event Coordinators, Public Relations and Registrars.

Tuesday, September 11 (Morris): Region 4 Meeting (site and time to be determined)

This meeting is a duplicate of the one in Sauk Centre on the August 27.  Each Service Unit team needs to determine which date will best fit their schedules.

A light supper will be served at 6:15pm.  The meeting will be held from 6:30-8pm.


RSVPs Needed

Service Unit Managers and Community Coordinators please visit with volunteers in your Service Unit and email the meeting date your Service Unit plans to attend along with the names of the volunteers who will be attending with you.  At the end of the meeting Service Units/communities will received their needed items for recruitment events. 

Please RSVP  by Monday, August 20th by emailing me at

Location information will be emailed to the Service Unit Managers/Community Coordinators by Wednesday, August 22.

By Linda Bear

The 2012-2013 Girl Scout year begins on October 1, 2012.   Recruitment events are held late August, September and the beginning of October.  Click here find a recruitment event near you!  Feel free to refer back to this link as additional dates will be added. 


Girl Scouts provides incredible opportunities for girls to develop qualities that will serve them all their lives. Girls develop leadership skills, lifelong friendships and earn meaningful awards. Through Girl Scout programs girls learn the importance of responsibility, goal setting, team work and flourishing in a unique, all-girl environment. Girl Scouts help girls expand their knowledge to provide opportunities that excite them and enhance their lives.  These activities may include: troop/group meetings, council programs, sports, camping, arts and crafts, money management, preparing for college, travel and making a difference in their community and world! Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place.

Girl Scouting is open to every girl in grades Kindergarten through 12th grade who accepts the Girl Scout Promise and Law and pays $12 in annual membership dues.

Through Girl Scouting and the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, girls grow and learn new skills in an environment where they feel safe and accepted. Adults are trained to put the needs of girls first, develop strong girl-adult partnerships, encourage girls to share their ideas and provide mentoring, encouragement and coaching. The girl-led activities focus on learning by doing and working together. As girls mature, their level of leadership responsibility expands.

It's never too late to join Girl Scouts. A girl can join at any time of the year and at any age level. If you have questions feel free to contact me, Linda Bear, Region 4 Membership Specialist at


• Girl Scout Daisy

Kindergarten and Grade 1

• Girl Scout Brownie

Grades 2 and 3

• Girl Scout Junior

Grades 4 and 5

• Girl Scout Cadette

Grades 6 to 8

• Girl Scout Senior

Grades 9 and 10

• Girl Scout Ambassador

Grades 11 and 12

Adults are also invited to become members and volunteers. To learn more about being a volunteer contact Marge Hanson, Region 4 Volunteer Specialist at

Many Ways to be a Girl Scout

Girls participate in Girl Scouting in many ways. When a girl joins, she can choose one, two, or all of these ways to participate:

  • Join a troop with a group of girls her age
  • Become an independent Girl Scout member and enjoy a variety of activities outside traditional troop settings
  • Travel to regional, national and international destinations
  • Attend Girl Scout day or resident camp
  • Join a series that focus on a particular topic – careers, engineering, sports, theater, etc. – with the same group of girls
  • Come to single day events and meet different girls at every one
  • Experience virtual programs delivered in a secure environment  


The Girl Scout Leadership Experience engages girls to discover themselves, connect with others and take action to make the world a better place.  To check out up-coming Council programs click here.  


By Tim Jacobs

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By Tim Jacobs

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By jeremy

Join us this week for dreams to reality

By Tauna

Girl Scout Shop

Great Start Sets for all age levels offer everything your Girl Scout needs for her next age level, including sash or vest, emblems, choice of Journey books, and a terrific canvas bag that’s FREE! Sets range from $22-36. Great Start Sets are the perfect way to “be prepared” for fall adventures and save 10-15%!

Bridging kits are popular options for busy leaders as they get ready for Court of Awards ceremonies. Available for each age level, bridging kits contain bridging patches, membership stars and discs, certificates, and other items as needed. Enjoy the convenience of having your year-end items pre-packed in a large resealable bag and knowing you have everything you need!

Please see our shop web page for detailed information about Great Start Sets and Bridging Kits.

Shop web page:

Shop hotline:

Duluth: 218-726-4714 | 877-476-6748 (toll free)
Waite Park: 320-252-2952 x200 | 800-955-6032 (toll free)


Fund Development: Support Girl Scouts

 Girl Scout Leadership Lunch | Holiday Inn and Suites | Friday, May 13 | 200 West First St, Duluth | Noon-1:00 pm

Join us for the Girl Scout Leadership Lunch! Learn how Girl Scouts are making a difference in the communities we serve. The lunch is free. This event is a fundraiser, however; you will be asked to support our work. There is no minimum gift requested. Karen Salmela will be honored as a woman of Distinction for her work in our community supporting women and girls. To register contact Becky Reynolds, call 800-955-6032, email, or online, Please RSVP today!


Council Programs

For girls of all ages. Participate as an individual or with your Girl Scout Troop.  Visit  for complete list.

“New” Featured Camp Session: Summer Sensation | Camp Roundelay  | June 26-July 1, 2011 | Grades 4-5  | Cost: $290

Spend a sensational week at camp.  Experience everything that camp has to offer in one week.  This is your time to try it all - horses, archery, swimming, nature, crafts and more.

“New” Featured Camp Session: Fun in the Sun | Camp Roundelay | July 24-29, 2011 | Grades 7-12 | Cost: $290

Do you love camp? Spend the week creating your own experience.  Your group will decide your activities each day.  Options include horses, geo-caching, community service or whatever you’ve been wanting to try.  Your counselor with help make the fun happen.

“New” Featured Camp Session: Jr. Jam | Camp Roundelay | July 31-August 3, 2011 | Grades 4-5 | Cost: $195

We’ll be jammin’ and crammin’ all the fun we can into 4 days.  Geared toward first time campers, this is your time to try it all at camp.

Check out more summer camp opportunities at or register at Contact Outdoor Program Manager Kari Cromwell ( or 218-547-3535) for more information about summer camp.

Program Aide Training, a Program on the Go – two dates and locations! | Grades 6‐12 | $20 per girl/ adults observe free/ Girls may use up to $5 in Cookie Dough | 30 minimum/45 maximum capacity

The Program Aide Training prepares Girl Scout Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors to effectively work with younger girls by providing skills relating conflict resolution, group facilitation, activity planning and safety.  This training provides an Outdoor Skills concentration and will focus on preparing girls to volunteer at area Day Camps. Breakfast and lunch as well as all training materials are provided.   Register using the form found at  For more information please contact Program Manager Tricia Andrews at 800-955-6031 or

Sunday, May 15, 2011 | 9am-4pm | Janette Pollay Cabin, Duluth MN | Register by May 11|

Please note that Janette Pollay Cabin is also reserved the evening of Saturday, May 14 for groups interested in staying overnight prior to the training.  Limited to 36 girls and adults, groups are on their own for meals and must provide their own adult supervision. There is no additional cost.  Please note your interest on the form when registering.

Saturday, June 11, 2011 | 10am-5pm | Father Hennepin State Park, Isle, MN | Register by June 6|

Cars without State Park stickers may purchase $3 “group rate” park passes upon arrival.

Product Sales

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2011 Girl Scout Cookie Sale. We would love to hear feedback from this year’s sale for best practices. Please send your ideas and any suggestions or comments to  

Just as a reminder for all troops with a balance due, a third ACH debit will be done on Tuesday, May 10. Please contact Deb at or Valerie at if you have questions regarding this withdrawal. 

In addition, for troops who have earned troop bonus, troop accounts will have an ACH credit on Friday, May 13 for the amount earned based on packages sold and returned by March 27. Troops with an outstanding balance as of March 31 forfeit troop bonus.

 Recognitions have been shipped to service units, so troops should be contacted soon to pick up the incentives for their troop. We do not have extras of any items at the council office, so no exchanges will be possible. 

Adult Volunteers & the Community asked us to let you know …

Spring Fling @ Hibbing Public Library | May 18 | 5-7pm

Join us and Celebrate Family Fun at the Library! Refreshments will be provided by the Friends of the Library. Book Give-Away for all children that attend by the Literacy Action Center. Entertainment by the Amazing Charles and local musicians. Hibbing Kiwanis Little Ones Indoor Park will be open. Let the City Council know the library is important! Sponsored by the Library Board and Friends of the Hibbing Public Library.

Girl Scout Troop 4256 to hold Shades of Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Event | For young women and teens | May 21, 2011 | Lake Superior College | Duluth, MN | Contact: Tessa at (218) 393-8012 or Lubov at (218) 733-9662 or email

Join Girl Scout Troop 4256 for "Shades of Pink:  What Young Women Need to Know About Breast Cancer".  This event is free and open to the public. Come and learn about how breast cancer affects young women and teenagers, and ways to help recognize it.

This event will feature Alane Davis, breast cancer survivor and Program Manager of the Young Survival Coalition, speaking on "the knowledge factor" of the risks and types of breast cancer that can affect young women. Survivors will share their stories. Health care professionals and advocates will promote prevention, resources, and healthy living. Create a pink breast cancer awareness bracelet, and make a quilt square for a quilt to be donated to a local breast cancer organization. Other highlights will include refreshments, vendors, and a silent auction. Cadette, Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts who attend will qualify to receive the "In the Pink" Interest Project Patch.

“Wicked” Girl Scouts Day on Broadway | Manhattan, New York | Saturday, June 2, 2012

This just in from the Emerald City! The Wonderful Wizard of OZ has granted Girl Scouts from across the country a NEW opportunity to see Wicked in 2012! The StudentsLive & Wicked "For Good" Girl Scouts Day on Broadway Workshop and Show tickets are now available! Click your heels three times and call StudentsLive at 212-220-6000 for your tickets to our exclusive Wicked Girl Scout events. Tickets are available immediately and going fast. Package includes Interactive Workshop, Interactive Resource Guide, Special WICKED Girl Scout Patch, Preferred Seating to the Show, and a chance to win a Backstage Tour. To learn more about this event as well as other ways to enhance your visit to NYC, contact,,  Facebook: StudentsLive Broadway Education Programs” – Twitter: StudentsLive BEP.

Wanted! Homes for Exchange Students! | St. Cloud Area

Three young women are looking for families to stay with during  the next school year.

Barbora: Czech Republic. Age 18. Interests: Playing the piano, harmonica, flute: Scout group, classical and fold dancing, volleyball, spending time with the dog. Quote: “I am very interested in nature. When I was a small girl my mother brought me to the Scout organization and now I am very grateful to her. The Scouts opend my life to new horizons, We often go camping in the countryside.”

Carolin: Germany. Age 16. Interests: Playing the violin; gymnastics, meeting with friends, reading, shipping, skiing, snowboarding, singing, Scouting, music, theater. Quote: “I also go camping with my family on our bike trips, Almost every year in our summer vacation we go biking for 2 or 3 weeks. I always enjoy it very much to bike in the sun through fields and let my mind wander.”

Maria Beatriz: Portugal. Age 17. Interests: Playing the guitar; horseback riding, Scouts, singing, choir at church, camping, youth group, intends to be a doctor. Quote: “ I belong to the youth groups of the parish. We are the biggest parish of Portugal. I’m going to the World Youth Day in Madrid, It’s the greatest event of the church with young people.”

If you or someone you know are interested in hosting an exchange student, please contact Susanne or Richard Barkalow. E-mail or call 320-259-1289 or 320-250-4867.

Valleyfair Scout Day | Valleyfair, Shakopee, MN | June 4

Valleyfair is offering a special discount ticket price to all Scouts and their families during our annual Scout Day. Admission allows you one-day unlimited access to rides, shows, Planet Snoopy and Soak City Waterpark! Food, merchandise, games, some attractions and Challenge Park are extra charges.

Regular Admision­: $21  (48” and taller)

 Junior/Senior Admission: $9.99  (3 years & older and less than 48” tall or 62 years and older)          

Tickets may be purchased at the specially marked Scout Day windows at the Group Sales Building, located to the right of the main entrance gate. You must print off the Scout Day flyer (  and bring it to the Group Sales Booth to receive the discount. Tickets must be purchased by 4pm. Rate is valid June 4, 2011 only. Cash or credit card only. Save $18.99 off regular admission.

New Moon Girls | Nominate a girl you know who exemplifies real beauty

From New Moon Girls Magazine: Real Beauty is not about how we look. It's about who we are and what we do.

New Moon Girls say the word beauty shouldn't make a person feel bad about who she is. Help us change the meaning of beauty by honoring girls (and women) who are beautiful being themselves! Nomination form:

By Tauna

Lakes & Pines Girl Scout Shops have new special gifts to honor Girl Scouts who have earned the highest awards for their age levels. Our selections include:

·          Stylish token necklace for Juniors completing the Bronze Award, $11.00

·          Frosted mug with metallic Silver Award symbol for Cadettes completing the Silver Award, $18.00

·          2½” gold medallion with symbol for Senior or Ambassadors completing the Gold Award, $19.95


See more Girl Scout Bronze, Silver and Gold award accessories, magnets, and bumper stickers at, or call and we will be happy to help you choose just the right gift. Some items available by special order only. Please allow two weeks.


Shop hotline:

Duluth: 218-726-4714 | 877-476-6748 (toll free)
Waite Park: 320-252-2952 x200 | 800-955-6032 (toll free)

By Tim Jacobs

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